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On Not Flaking Out

10 February 2012

I am tired. Have I mentioned that recently? I think I might have, but I can’t remember because I’m so flippin’ tired.

I may be tired, but I am still doing this thing. This marathon thing. Training. I went out last night with my shorts over my tights for a hill session, just before it started to snow. Usually I run about a mile to a hill, do the session and then run a couple of miles afterwards to make up the distance. This time I decided, on a whim, to run 4 miles first, then do the session. I think it was a good idea. I was quite tired (yes) when I got to the base of the hill, but I gave it everything I had, as there was no reason to hold back. The end of the session was the end of the run, bar a jog back to the flat.

I did 9 x 40 seconds uphill, as fast as I could. These are very short reps, so I might extend them in future weeks, but for now they were fine. As usual I felt at my worst on the 7th rep, then the last two were better.

This morning I was tired (again) but a short easy run would get my mileage above 35 this week, so I went out in the snow. I ran mostly on the roads as the paths were icy, though the short pieces of untrodden snow I found were rather lovely to run on. Almost crunchy. I still hope it’s gone by tomorrow though.


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