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Squeezing It In

9 February 2012

Life is a hectic beast at the moment.

I’m busy at work, busy looking after cats with tubes sticking out of their faces (ick), busy eating, busy trying to get enough sleep. What did I miss? Oh yes, training for a marathon.

A run usually gives me headspace, time to think, a break from stress. When I’m pressed for time, it becomes a funnel for all the guilt I’m feeling about everything other than running. During last night’s 6 mile stagger I spent 5 worrying about work and the cat and how I was going to fit in the weekend’s running and the other 1 blowing my nose.

These are not vintage training runs. They are tough and slow and cold.  I’m churning out the miles in a low gear and I can’t seem to change it. However, as I said to Mr Notajogger last night, if I judge my performance based on effort rather than speed, I am giving it pretty much everything I can. It’s just that everything isn’t very much.

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