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Base Layers

13 February 2012

My training is all about base layers at the moment: those next to my skin (god bless Helly Hansen), and those miles pounded out on the streets.

I’m four weeks in to my marathon training plan, with twelve to go. This week I notched up 37.5 miles over six runs and it’s the first week that the mileage has felt comfortable (unlike the runs themselves, which were mostly spent with shoulders hunched up to ears in an attempt to combat the cold). I do feel like I’m ready for some longer, harder runs now.

On Saturday I headed out in -6C for a 10 miler to Regent’s Park. My mapmyrun app failed to work, leaving me with only a vague notion of pace. This might have been a blessing. I was listening to my body instead of the Voice of the App and managed to keep a steady even rhythm, averaging 7.5 minute miles. I’m really happy with that, particularly as the previous night I had drunk two vats o’ wine, as well as half a beer and a glass of 43 (“cuarenta-y-tres” – yum).

All part of the plan. Ahem.

The week’s totals:

Tuesday: 6 miles (intervals)
Wednesday: 6 miles (easy)
Thursday: 6 miles (hills)
Friday: 4.5 miles (slow)
Saturday: 10 miles (hungover, but quick)
Sunday: 5 miles (easy)

Total: 37.5 miles

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