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Short Hills

23 September 2011

Last night I ran the first ‘short hills’ session in the plan. I didn’t check exactly how short a short hill was, so ran 10 x 45 seconds up the hill, jogging back down to the bottom. Turns out it should have been 50-60 seconds, oops. It did feel a bit too easy. Maybe I didn’t push hard enough, as the ‘long hills’ session was so difficult and I feared running out of juice. 

Next week looks tougher, but if I’m finding it easy as this week I’ll switch to the 35-40 miles a week version of the plan and get more reps and miles in.

Get me!

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s running, a short tempo run tomorrow followed by an easy 10 miles on Sunday. I’m going to leave that run until after I’ve watched Paula Radcliffe’s return in the Berlin marathon. I really want to believe that she can come back on top form. She’s a role model for 30-something female runners everywhere. No pressure then, Paula.

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