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Death by Intervals

14 September 2011
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I keep my promises.

I’ve signed up for another Regent’s Park 10k and yesterday I started a new training schedule.

It was hard to find a free 10k training plan on the web that wasn’t aimed at beginners. I know enough about running to know what works for me, but not enough to know how to combine sessions to make me faster. I want to run about 30 miles a week and include intervals, tempo, hills and long runs. After a dismissal-worthy amount of googling at work, I found a plan. It wasn’t in a good format so I made a spreadsheet:

10k training plan – 8 weeks

It looks hard, but not mountainously so. I have no idea whether it will work. My scientific conclusion is that it’s worth a try.

The first session, last night, was an interval session of 4×1600 at 10k pace. I measured out a loop of 2 x 2 miles with 1/2 mile recovery gaps in between and went round it twice. It was not fun. I re-discovered that the pace at which I think I could run 10k, is not actually the pace at which I can run 10k.  I did the miles (or 1600 metres if we are being consistent) in 7minutes 15 seconds each, other than the final one which took some time longer*. I have run a half-marathon at that pace, but yesterday I could barely manage four individual miles. I have some way to go with this plan.

*I have no idea how much longer. How much longer do you have?

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