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Holding Steady

14 September 2011

Yesterday was the second day on the new plan, and a marked improvement from Tuesday. My legs felt twice as strong and I ran the ‘4 miles steady’ (plus a bit more) at an average of 7.5 minutes per mile. This was only 15 seconds slower than my supposed 10-k pace, but felt completely comfortable.

In less positive news, I nearly got run over by Highbury Corner. I was looking at the green man flashing rather than the traffic and both the oncoming car and I had to make an emergency stop at the crossing. There was some horn blowing and shouting, and not from me. I was at fault, and lucky to get away with just a bruised ego.

It’s amazing that this doesn’t happen on every run. I can be thinking about dinner, looking at my watch, listening to a podcast, looking out for uneven bits of pavement, dodging oncoming buggies and calculating the speed of passing bikes all at the same time. Running down Upper Street at 5.30pm is like a 3D game of Frogger – it can be mentally exhausting working out a route between the crowd, but I love it. I could have a PhD in Pedestrian Dodging.

I’m just not so I’m good with the cars.

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  1. 15 September 2011 5:09 pm

    I cannot believe you can run a 7.5 minute mile. I still struggle for ten. omg omg omg

    • 16 September 2011 8:50 am

      I’ve been listening to the Marathon Talk podcast a lot lately- there are people on there who run 50 mile races at 6 minute mile pace. Seriously.

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