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On repeatedly running up hills at 6.30am

16 September 2011

It’s insane, basically.

Several commuters travelling down Muswell Hill this morning may have reported a woman acting suspiciously between 6.45am and 7.03am on the pavement leading from the Victoria Stakes pub to the junction of Cascade Avenue.

The woman, who was wearing a white t-shirt and grey flappy shorts, appeared to be racing up the hill repeatedly, despite showing obvious and distressing signs of pain.

“I was worried for my kids”, Olivia Colney-Hatch (39) might have told police, “We were stuck at the lights for 10 minutes and they were forced to watch this crazy woman hurting herself for no reason. I locked the doors. It was frightening.” Mark Fortismere (23) was also concerned, “Ladies should look pretty, but she was all red-faced and sweaty. It was rank.”

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