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10k Training: Week One

17 September 2011

Another catch-up post.

Saturday was tempo run day. I had been both wanting and dreading it. Wanting it because I like the concept – it makes sense to run at the threshold of discomfort, to understand what that feels like and know you can cope. Dreading it because running at the threshold of discomfort has, in the past, been very hard to judge and has mainly involved running in discomfort. What does running at 85% effort mean? On Saturday, I think I worked it out. My tired legs meant I couldn’t run a 5k or even 10k pace, so the 20 minutes went by at half marathon pace, which felt about right.

Sunday’s 12 miler (as per plan) would have taken me to 33 miles, 10 more than last week, so I dropped it to 10 miles in the hope that would be enough to stave off injury. I know this still made for too big a jump, mileage-wise (apparently one shouldn’t add more than 10% per week), but I felt good so risked it.

It was worth it. Sunday was a beautiful early autumn morning and I made Mr N run a proper easy pace. We chatted all the way round, discussing the merits of the various dogs out for their Sunday strolls. We even managed to come up with a plan to save Arsenal’s season. I must pop in to discuss it with Arsene next time I pass the Emirates. I hear he loves that.

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