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Things I have learned in the last week:

16 January 2012
  1. Tiredness may not be due to running, it might be the start of a horrid virus;
  2. Chocolate oranges do not offer the same immunity benefits as actual oranges;
  3. Films featuring small dogs in a central role should win Oscars;
  4. Skipping two days’ running in favour of lying in bed is good for the body but not the spirit;
  5. Running with a mild fever helps counteract the effects of icy weather;
  6. Though really isn’t to be encouraged;
  7. I mean that, stay in bed folks;
  8. Kendal mint cake is the new running gel;
  9. Just because you can run 10 miles doesn’t mean you’re cured;
  10. A hot toddy is the answer, no matter what the question.
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