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Burning the Candle

11 January 2012

I’ve only just started increasing my mileage for this year’s marathon effort, but yesterday I was starving all day. This morning I felt so exhausted I had to force myself out for a run. Suddenly it all came flooding back – how I felt all the way through the 16 weeks of marathon training in 2010. Isn’t it funny how one forgets the general life that goes around the training, and only remembers the runs or injuries?

I am enjoying the hunger, though I need to be wary of it. I suspect that my body is is really craving protein, not KitKats. The tiredness I am not enjoying. Last night I stayed up to watch a terrible film (He’s Just Not That Into You) and hated myself for it. Why was I propping my eyelids open with Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and the weedy guy from Entourage (not even the good-looking one!) when I had to get up again at 6am to run? To make myself feel marginally better, I did my ironing while watching it. It didn’t help. Nor did it help me understand why Bradley Cooper is considered to be attractive.

There’s not much to say about the run. I stuck to the flat 5 mile route and 8 minutes a mile pace. It was tedious but it’s another 5 in the bank. I will try to get an early night tonight but I’m seeing another film (The Artist) so hopefully I will be able to wait until afterwards.

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