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Dark Days Ahead

20 October 2011

I’m very behind with the blogging this week. Oh, and the running too.

After Saturday’s 5k dash, and 12 miles on Sunday, I gave myself the day off on Monday and Tuesday. Since reading Haruki Murakami’s book, I always feel guilty taking two days off in a row. It’s one of his hard and fast rules, never to do that, but on Sunday’s run I had to stop to stretch out my left ankle which has started to grumble – a sure sign that I have been overdoing it. 

On Wednesday I set the alarm for 6am, ready for my comeback. On leaving the house I discovered that, since just this time last week, a darkness has covered the earth. It was a cold, bright morning yesterday but the sun was barely up when I got home, after a 5 mile trip to Tufnell Park (photo below).

I was a little delayed leaving the flat, I must admit, after standing on the doorstep for a full two minutes trying to shove my housekey into the pocket of my running tights with my gloved hands. It would not go in! I couldn’t seem to find the pocket opening, and eventually yanked off my gloves and threw them on the doormat, in a moment of petulance. It was then that I realised, of course, that I had the tights on inside out. I went back inside to change…


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