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5k Challenge – Parkrun Edition

17 October 2011

This weekend Mr N and I did our first parkrun in Finsbury Park. I’ve been meaning to go along for ages, it’s such a great idea – a 5km race, measured and timed, running every Saturday morning and, best of all, completely free.

It was a beautiful morning, but I am in two minds about how it went:

On the one hand, I was the first woman (none of this ‘lady’ nonsense please) to finish, I ran 21.36 on a hilly course (43 minute 10k pace), I ran hard but didn’t kill myself.

On the other, Mr N beat me; I thought I could run under 21 minutes, I thought this training plan might help me run a 42 minute 10k, which seems really unlikely if I can’t run a 21 minute 5k. Did I mention that Mr N beat me?

I have always known that this day would come. The circle is now complete, he was but the learner, now he is the master. My powers are weak, the force is no longer strong with me.  I have  gone over to the dark side.

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