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Rocking On

31 August 2011

Last night I chose the sofa over the pavement, waiting until this morning to test out the creaking knee. This was the right choice. I didn’t feel any twinges during the run and managed to reach the top deck of the bus afterwards without causing a 91 pile-up on the stairs.

It’s good that the run was injury-free, but that didn’t make it a ‘good day’. I’m supposed to be racing a 10k on Sunday and I have rarely felt less like doing it. I haven’t kept my promise of re-starting interval training. I haven’t raced a 5k outside. I’ve just plodded along at my usual pace, well within my comfort zone, for weeks.

This morning I ran 6 miles, which was good, but I stopped to walk 3 times, which was not. I can blame it on the fact that I hadn’t eaten, that I’m not good in the mornings, but the fact is that I walked because I could. I just don’t have the motivation to cause myself actual pain running up hills at 6.15am if I don’t have to, at the moment. I need a goal, and 10k is clearly not enough.

What I’m hesitating to write here is that I need a marathon, because then I might actually have to do one.

In less scary news, the highlight of my run today was running past an extremely cool guy running in a cut-off Motley Crue t-shirt and a beanie hat. He was a tiny bit overweight, wearing flapping basketball shorts and unsuitable trainers, but bounding along pretty fast. He smiled and half-waved at me, breaking the London runners’ code. I was very tempted to high five.

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