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Bank Holiday Catch-up

30 August 2011

… or, With Great Miles comes Greater Risk of Injury.

We’ve been away for another weekend, so this is another 3 run post. Oops. A run on Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning  contributed to four days of consecutive running, the most in a while, and by Sunday night my knees were complaining.

Staying over with our energetic nephews, I had to lever myself to a standing position every time I took my shoes off and put them on again to play in the garden. Something was up, I realised, and that something was not me, stuck in an arthritic crouch on the stair carpet.

I’m not injured, I wouldn’t say, but there’s a definite niggle in the left knee. A Niggle is a runner’s term for ‘something that isn’t going to stop me from running even though it probably should’. Niggles are like badges of honour, war wounds, proof of effort. I took a day off on Monday but I could have run on the knee. “It feels better when I’m running”, I would have said (the familiar justification of the Runner’s Niggle).

As I write I am currently weighing up the sense of running tonight or saving it until the morning. The knee is fine. No, really, it is fine. If I don’t bend down it is fine. I don’t need to bend down, really, if I take my shoes off from a standing position I can stretch my hamstrings at the same time. Much better.

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