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Three days, Two runs, Twenty miles

14 August 2011

20 (twenty) whole miles.

I ran home from work on Friday night – 7 miles around Camden, Regent’s Park, etc. It was fine, but so uneventful that I couldn’t think of anything to write about it afterwards. Not a bad run, but always just a warm-up for today.

Early last week I made plans to meet my friend in Richmond on Sunday. In a moment of insanity/inspiration, I decided to run there. Door to door it was 13 miles, a full half-marathon with added traffic, crowds and sun.

It wasn’t the easiest half marathon I’ve ever run. I had to take her a parcel of clean clothes in advance, which she had to cycle home for me. There were no mile markers, no signs showing the way, and no-one to offer me drinks or encouragement along the way. Miles 10-12, always the hardest, began in Earl’s Court, which I have never run through before, and hope never to have to do so again.

It was a great run, apart from those two miles. Running through Belgravia, I glimpsed the Serpentine Gallery, Albert Memorial, and was surprised by the Albert Hall, winding my way past the back entrances of museums. I only went the wrong way once, somewhere east of Baker Street. I would not make a good Sherlock Holmes. Unless he was also able to use an iPhone.

Arriving in Mortlake, my amazing friend greeted me with cold water, a hot shower and a bemused smile. No medal, mind.

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