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A New Dawn, a New Day…

10 August 2011

I’m Feeling Good.

Last night in London was quiet. Unseen efforts of uniformed police and early boarding up of shops and bars may have created this silence, but it doesn’t matter. We needed it and I am grateful.

Monday night’s run took me down roads in Camden which were to see major looting only hours later. All was then calm. Mid-way through my run my sister called me on her way home in Peckham, convinced something was about to happen there. She was right. Concerned about me and where I was, I dismissed her, “I’m in the middle of a run in Camden!” I gasped, “It’s  totally quiet here, people shopping, there won’t be any trouble don’t worry!”. I was wrong.

This morning’s 4 mile run took me up and down the leafy streets of Crouch End. No damage to be seen anywhere along the way, not even many metal shutters to be raised. I ran slowly, painfully, Monday’s 8 miles telling on my legs, taking their toll on every hill. I walked three times, once to change podcast, but twice just because. This is becoming a habit I need to break.

Change is possible. Hope is important.


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  1. 10 August 2011 10:38 am

    Nice pic G. Was that taken this morning? What time was it?

    • 10 August 2011 10:52 am

      Fanks Missus. Yes, this morning, probably at about 6.20am at the top of Crouch Hill. I took it into the light so it looks darker than it really was.

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