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Crazylegs Crane

24 June 2011

Mr Notajogger expressed awe at my 6 mile run this morning, which made me feel better about being late for work as I rushed around the kitchen.

I wasn’t sure I’d manage an East Finchley circuit when I left the flat, but some mornings just make it easy to run. My legs were tired but the sun was out, wispy fair weather clouds were floating overhead and I was in a very good mood. This was mainlydue to my trip to see the Home of Metal exhibition the previous evening, which is brilliant and rock-tacular. I particularly enjoyed the photographs of old gigs and metal fans. Fans of metal I mean, not fans made from metal.

It’s going to be hot this weekend and I’m looking forward to getting out the vest and flappy shorts on Sunday and putting them to the test with a long run. I may have to pull out the cameltoepak if it’s properly sweaty. I have no idea why this seems exciting to me, but for some reason it is. I have Friday fever.

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