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5k Challenge II

23 June 2011

I meant to run my 5k challenge outside last night, but ended up in the gym again out of laziness. I know it will be harder to run the 5k in the real outdoor world and I’m scared I won’t be able to push myself hard enough. I have to try, though, so next week I absolutely definitely will do it.  Probably.

On a positive note, after 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, I managed to knock a whole 5 seconds off last week’s 5k time, and finished it in 20 minutes, 5 seconds. I felt like a jockey flogging a racehorse going flat out for the last three minutes, but I didn’t slow down. In fact, this time I started at 13.5 km/h and worked up to 16km/h, which was fairly murderous. I would much rather have run the whole thing at 15km/h, but that would not have been possible. On a treadmill the monotony would have killed me.

I must try this outside, I need to be able to gauge my speed. Running on a treadmill is not going to help me run faster in a 10k race. I will absolutely definitely run outside next week. Definitely!

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