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The difference between a cold and hayfever

14 April 2011

At the moment I think it’s that you can run with hayfever, but not with a cold. Or at least, that’s my excuse. I think it’s a cold. I haven’t had one all year! I woke up on Monday with the telltale constant feeling that I’m going to sneeze that comes with hayfever, but today my head feels like a medicine ball and I can barely keep my eyes open.

The result of this malingering is that I didn’t run yesterday and I’m not going to run tonight. I don’t want to, which is a good sign that something is awry. I’m on such a roll lately I’m like a puppy scratching at the door when it comes to running time.  There is a 14 mile run in the diary for Sunday, which I really really want to do, but I might just really really have to calm down instead. Harrumph.

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