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28 March 2011

I am really happy to report that last week I ran a total of 32 miles, over 5 days, and that my final run of the week was the best of the lot.

We ran 10 miles as a ‘race-sim’, with 6 miles at an easy pace (for us, this was 8 minute miles), and 4 miles at race pace plus 20 seconds (which was supposed to be 7 and a half minute miles, but was actually 7m 15 secs). I am permitting myself an exclamation mark in the title in recognition of this pace. I am so impressed my legs managed to turn out that kind of speed without my heart feeling like it was going to burst. This is particularly notable as the 4 miles at the end of the run was mostly uphill.


I’m not sure I even need to add the other good things about the run:

  1. no hangover
  2. sun was shining
  3. saw a heron in Regent’s Park
  4. blossom galore

It was such a good run, it’s made me want to ignore my day off today and go out again anyway. I won’t of course.

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