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Booze Britain

26 March 2011

Last night I drank 3 glasses of wine, ate half a bowl of chips and went to bed drunk. As preparation for a run, it wasn’t the best.

Thankfully I’d already decided to switch today’s 10 mile ‘race sim’ for tomorrow’s 5 mile ‘easy run and, amazingly given the headache and acid stomach I have now at 6.41pm, the run was great.

The sun was shining, a day off had put some power back in my legs and I ran past Simon Pegg. A classic saturday morning run in Crouch End.

I used to rely on the hangover curing powers of running and extol them to friends in a self-righteous fashion. I’m not sure if this is karma or old age but lately I’ve found I feel better for about 3 hours after a run and then I’m straight back to feeling seedy. However, I’m not going to allow the memory of my perfect run to be spoiled by the pain of the present.

Booze is bad, kids.

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