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And for my second run, back to earth with a bump

12 June 2013




Oh the first run is bliss, isn’t it? Yes you are short of breath and tight of lungs, but your body is loose and free. You could turn cartwheels on the beach on a windy day.

Oh but the second run – the second run demands you pay the price for those cartwheels. You are not 12 years old; your 30-something limbs will not spring straight back into action. Your actions have consequences and those consequences involve pain.

I ran on Sunday, felt fine afterwards and okay, maybe a bit stiff, on Monday. On Tuesday I noticed a bit more stiffness in the legs. As I went about my now daily routine of carrying, walking and rocking the baby, my knees were a bit creaky but nothing terrible. I was looking forward to the baby/freedom handover when Mr Notajogger got back from work. At 5pm I started putting on running kit a piece at a time.

By 6.15pm I was out on the street, ready to go. By 6.16pm I was ready to cry. The first few steps were agony – my hamstrings felt five inches too short, my knees were jelly. I stopped to stretch, ran a bit more, stopped to stretch, ran a bit more… For thirty minutes.

It was a terrible run. I made it round a (short) circuit of Crouch End but only just. When running up the one hill I didn’t walk, I felt like I was going backwards. Everyone was overtaking me: runners; walkers; a man on a mobility scooter.

I know it will get better. It had better.

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  1. 13 June 2013 5:19 pm

    oh it will get better. it definitely will.

    Just stick with it!

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