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A Running Holiday

9 July 2012

Not a holiday from running. What kind of holiday would that be?

Not my kind.

I haven’t been running much lately due to some medication I’m taking. I’m fine, I’m just really really, really tired. However, last week I discovered that if I take regular naps and am relaxed and well rested, I can run!

Running on holiday is the best kind of running. You have had a lot of sleep. You have plenty of time. You can eat breakfast, loll in bed for two hours, then go for a run. None of this leaping out of bed at the crack of dawn, stubbing your toe on the doormat and waking up in the path of oncoming traffic.

I have just spent a week in Blakeney, Norfolk, one of my favourite places in the whole world in which one of the very best things to do is a little 5 mile loop run from the quayside, out around the marshes to Cley, then back through country lanes and village (complete with village green) to Blakeney. I am struggling very hard not to use the word picturesque.


During my week’s holiday, I ran the loop four times, with an extra 2 miles on Friday morning, partly so that I could take in the ford at Glandford (who doesn’t love a ford?), and partly to justify a three course pig-out at the Wiveton Bell that night.

As is so often the case, the first time was the sweetest. It was a Sunday and a bright, breezy, beautiful morning. The coast path was ‘busy’ with runners and dog-walkers, I must have passed at least 6 people. It was dry underfoot, heron flapped overhead and a reed bunting sang just for me. Back on tarmac, I saw a whole two cars in 20 minutes and was positively bursting with joy by the end of the run. The hedgerows were exploding with abundance after all the recent rain with giant daisies and towering foxgloves. Running up the tiny hill from Wiveton to Blakeney, a car had stopped on the side of the road to shield a travelling band of tiny ducklings from any possible traffic (!). Church bells rang. A kestrel hovered. My cup ran over.

On the way into Wiveton I spotted this house, nestling betwixt church and river.


It will be mine.

Here’s a map of the route, in case you’re ever in Blakeney and want to try it. If you do, beware running in the rain as the coast path is very muddy (the kind that sticks to shoes). It can also get rather windy, but that just adds to the fun.


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