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Breaking Records Before Breakfast

30 May 2012

This morning I ran 12.65 miles in 45 minutes and 57 seconds. I’m pretty pleased with that.

When my mapmyrun app on my phone first told me I’d run a mile in 3 minutes and 16 seconds I confess to a doubting its veracity for a second. “Mind you,” I then considered, “I did rest my hamstring instead of running yesterday, maybe that was just the extra push I needed towards running the fastest mile of all time by nearly half a minute?”

I was quite surprised I managed to maintain the pace over the full 12.65 miles, but the voice of the app kept telling me so every 3-4 minutes so it must be true!

The map of my run looks a bit weird, though.


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  1. 30 May 2012 8:26 am

    erm, are you Heile Gebreselasie (greatest apologies to the great man for slaughtering the spelling of his surname)?

    • 30 May 2012 8:32 am

      Erm, shall we change that to Paula Radcliffe, just read a few more posts, apologies for presuming you were a man

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