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No Inclination for Intervals

27 April 2012

Yesterday evening I ran my last proper “session” before marathon day. The plan said 10 x 400m with 90 seconds rest. I attempted to be organised. I searched around on mapmyrun for a flat section of road with no cross-streets that was about 400m, found one and set off.

When I got there I soon realised:

a) it was not flat
b) it was not 400m
c) it was frickin’ windy.

It turns out that 0.44km is not 4 metres more than 400m, it is 40 metres more than 400m. 40 metres is quite a long way.  

The downhill intervals were run with the wind behind me, super- fast. The uphill ones were not. I only managed 8 in the end, with 4 of them feeling like hill sprints and 4 like gentle jogs.

There is, no doubt, a lesson in this somewhere.


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