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Running with Salmon

16 March 2012

Today I ran a mile carrying a packet of smoked salmon.

This is happening a lot. Last saturday I ran with a loaf of bread, the previous week there was some minced lamb. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in running, shopping, cooking, eating, working and travelling so I’m doing a lot of combining.

This morning I took a half-day off work to prepare for a weekend away. I made a cake for my mum, I packed my bags, I thought about cleaning the bathroom and went for a run so that I could have a hangover tomorrow. While mixing the cake, I was thinking about lunch. I should make a sandwich and take it to work but there was nothing in the fridge. Marks and Spencer was on the way home… hence the smoked salmon.

I did get a few odd looks. There are a lot more people on the street at 9.30am than 6.30am. The salmon was flapping as I ran. I struggled to hold onto the packet with my slippery gloves. Running down Crouch End Hill, it temporarily got away, but I recaptured it and brought it home.

The sandwich was delicious.

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