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24 Hour Marathon Training

28 February 2012

Last night I slept like a woman unable to stop running, even while unconscious. I went to bed at my customary hour (9:30pm) and dropped off in seconds. Sadly from 1:00am things were less successful. My legs were uncomfortable. I moved them. They were fine for five minutes. Then they weren’t. I moved them again. And again. At first I blamed the cats, who had arranged themselves around my feet. The fifth time I woke up, I realised that the cats were in the same position, but I was not. This continued until 4:30am, when the cats woke up and started requesting breakfast.

I am now propping my eyelids open with caffeine and drinking matchsticks to survive. I didn’t run yesterday, so I’m not sure why my leg muscles were giving me such grief. Is this DOMS or, as wikipedia more delightfully calls it, muscle fever?

MUSCLE FEVER! Out now starring Jean Claude van Damme!

Oh god I think I am delirious. I can’t quite believe I managed to run 6 miles this morning, with 10 minute intervals of “half-marathon pace or faster”, but I did.

I can’t stop!

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