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The Anti Freeze

2 February 2012

It’s great weather for running at the moment. I confess I wasn’t thinking that at 6:30 last night, hopping about in my bedroom putting my running tights on under my coat because I was still so cold from the journey home.

When I was outside pegging it down the freezing streets, however, I had a revelation. At 7:00pm in London yesterday it was -2 degrees C, but the pavements were firm and safe. No frost, no ice. On the BBC forecast this morning they said that the air is so dry at the moment that we’re getting all the cold of a cold snap with none of the crunch of frosty grass or slide of sneaky ice. And that, for a runner – especially one with poor vision – is great news. I even managed a hill session last night, without falling over once.

This cold dry weather means I get to witness skies like this from my office early in the morning:


Sadly, however, my view while running is still like this:


I want to put more pictures on this blog, but the sad fact is that I’m going to be running in the dark for a good month yet. Roll on March.

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