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Elevation Revelation

6 January 2012

Yesterday morning I woke at 6am and staggered into the kitchen to get a glass of water before going for a run. ‘What is that sound?’, I wondered as I headed for the sink. An aeroplane seemed to be passing directly overhead. At the sink I looked up to see waves of water washing down our sloping skylight, spattered with falling gobs of hail.  

I went back to bed.

At 6pm I tried again. The wind had dropped to a non-terrifying level and the rain had dried up, leaving a clear and cold London skyline winking beyond the tops of Crouch End’s hills. Hills that, I now have a mapmyrun elevation to prove, are properly hills. Hills that I ran all the way up and down for the first time in a while.

The first 1.6 miles of my regular Muswell Hill route are uphill, and there are only 1.5 miles of flat running in the whole route. Experience had told me that this was the case, of course, but somehow seeing it in digital colour was a revelation.

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  1. 6 January 2012 4:17 pm

    I didn’t know that Mapmyrun had elevations.. hmm…

    I have been partway through runs to suddenly realize I had mapped out a 10 mile route, but didn’t consider the ups and downs..

    Thanks for this!

    • 9 January 2012 8:55 am

      I’m not sure they’re 100% accurate, but I’m finding it pretty useful – it did tell me I had run Mile 3 twice on my Sunday run, but by the end it corrected itself.

      I am not a gadget/tech person so if I can use it it must be simple!

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