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A run-walk strategy

10 November 2011

I love that there is a technical term for “walking for a bit”. Last night I adopted a run-walk strategy on my way home from work. This was sort of intentional, or at least inevitable. Cumulative tiredness has left me struggling to find the energy for running but I reasoned that: a) I had to get home somehow; and b) some of that ‘how’ could be running.

There were several bonuses to this approach. Within my ‘run-walk strategy’ I could find time for window shopping, for day-dreaming about shopping, and for actual shopping. The first was mainly indulged on Upper Street, and particularly at this shoe shop:


The poorly photographed boot (bottom right, ankle variety) had the most perfect heel I’ve seen. It was curved so sweetly it distracted me from the fact that my own functionally-shod heels hadn’t moved in five minutes. I plodded on.

The day-dreaming then induced by the passing slideshow of gleaming windows built into a theoretical orgy of consumption as I acquired multiple coats and dresses, more shoes, two woollen jumpers, a scarf and a 50s reclining chair from heaven.

My actual shopping was done in Tesco on the Stroud Green Road.

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