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Weekly Round-Up, Race Climb Down

24 October 2011

My training has been going well, though last week I only managed four sessions, and I was looking forward to trying for a sub-43 minute 10k on 6th November. Last night, however, I decided to postpone this world record* attempt until 2012.

Nothing dramatic, I’ve just recently started a course of medical treatment which is leaving me really tired. I’m perfectly able to run, but running at full pelt and high mileage seems foolish and probably counter-productive. It’s time to put my health first and at the moment that means running less and sleeping more. Ho hum.

I was really enjoying running a tempo, hill and interval session every week so hopefully I can pick it up in the New Year once I’m off the drugs (this makes it sound like I am currently having a lot more fun that I really am).

Pre-race postponement, I managed a 10 mile run to Regent’s Park on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it, though it did wipe me out for the rest of the day. Had we not had visitors on Saturday night I would have been in bed by 7.30pm. It’s non-stop party in my flat.

*world record for fastest 10k run by a 36 year old woman from North London with two cats called Bill and Ted

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  1. 25 October 2011 12:55 pm

    You have two cats named Bill and Ted? That’s just awesome.

    And yes – take care of your health first!!!!!

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