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Routes Manoeuvre

6 September 2011

I am in search of new routes. Until I am better able to handle running 1.5 miles straight up a hill at 6.15am, I need a new selection of 4 – 7 mile routes which are flat. At least for the first mile.

This morning I set out in the rain without knowing where I did want to go, but knowing exactly where I didn’t, and taking the opposite route. I headed over towards Holloway Road, didn’t want to run down it or up it, so crossed over and went to Tufnell Park. I didn’t fancy running downhill to Kentish Town (sure to involve an uphill on the way back), or uphill towards Highgate (which would be uphill), so went down Tufnell Park Road. I was heading back to the Holloway Road, not ready to head towards Finsbury Park, so I ran down towards Highbury. A longer route could take me around Highbury Corner to Highbury Grove, but I took the shorter route past the Arsenal stadium to Blackstock Road.

This was a good plan. The wind was whistling around the Emirates, but I got a psychological kick from running up the stadium steps, a la Rocky. Every run should have its training montage moment.

I resisted punching the air as I crossed the bridge into Ashburton Grove. Tiredness was setting in at the half hour point, but I set my face into a grimace and headed home. 39 minutes and 15 seconds, about 5 miles dead on. A new route has been put down.

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