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Gym Bunny

24 August 2011
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Yesterday British Summertime showed its true colours and rained all day, from dawn to dusk with no stop for a tea break or anything. It was impressive stuff.

I mean, depressing stuff.

Weather like that sends me to the gym. The sound of the rain drumming overhead pavements makes running nowhere on a treadmill in a basement dungeon more acceptable. To guard against boredom, I tried a fast 5k sandwiched between 20 minutes on the cross-trainer and 10 on the bike (I hate cycling). I didn’t go all out, but managed 21 minutes, 20 seconds. Next week I’ll try for sub-21 minutes outside.

My next race is a 10k on 4th September and I should probably try to get a bit of speed in the legs. I might even attempt some interval training – I haven’t done any for months. Another thing I haven’t done for months is sit-ups. Whenever I read something about how important it is to strengthen one’s core I turn the page/scroll down immediately. I am deaf to this recommendation. Core, schmore! I hate sit-ups. Last night I did three sets of 15. Pathetic, but I could still do them, which I take as a sign that I don’t need to do them. Right?

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