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Good Day!

22 July 2011

Yes! Today merits an exclamation mark. I finally managed a good run, outside, on a sunny day without feeling faint.

As runs go, it was far from perfect. Half way up the first ascent of Crouch End Hill my chest started to feel tight and by the summit I was gulping breath into my lungs in painful gasps.  25 minutes and a few trembling ascents later, I decided to walk up the last two hills.

Usually I feel guilty about not running (or even jogging), but today I felt like walking gave me more time to look at the gardens, to listen to This American Life and to feel the sunshine on my face. I was bright red, sweating, out of breath and exhausted. I felt weeks away from being able to run a good 10k time, but I didn’t care. Running races and training for them is something I enjoy, and miss, but after a few days of feeling like I couldn’t run at all, a bad run on a beautiful morning was good enough for me.

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