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Vampires ate my trainers II: this time it’s serious

14 July 2011

I gave blood on Monday night and Thursday finds me only just capable of walking without feeling faint, so I don’t think there’s much chance I’ll run this week.

I don’t really understand what’s going on with my body. When I gave blood in March I felt fine afterwards; my running wasn’t at its best in the following two weeks, but I didn’t feel faint or sick. Giving blood is an important act, and a small amount of wobbly headedness is a small price to pay for saving a life so this shouldn’t put anyone off donating, but I would quite like to feel normal again now please.

I managed to walk to work this morning, which was made interesting by a couple of serious head-spins when I looked up quickly from the pavement or my i-pod to the street. It reminds me of the winter when I had labyrinthitis or, as Mr N called it, David Bowie Disease. Sadly this didn’t involve hanging out with the Goblin King, rather constant dizziness and nausea. At its worst I couldn’t walk without falling over because I wasn’t able to tell whether my feet were hitting the ground or the walls. Fun times.

This faintness is nothing like labyrinthitis dizziness – I know it would stop if I lay down – so I’m trying to treat it like a trippy addition to my commute. It was a little bit like walking on a bouncy castle at times, but most of the pavements stayed where they should be and I managed to remain upright. Concrete is no soft rubber pillow, as my smashed i-phone screen can testify.

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