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Surprise Race Report

5 June 2011

Did I not mention I was going to run a race today?

I ran the June one in the Regent’s Park 10k summer series, which are organised by Mornington Chasers and a really friendly and low-key set of races. They happen on the first Sunday of the month and although I have free entry* to them this year, this is the first one I’ve made it to. I didn’t do any specific training, but I’ve been running regularly, so this was really an experiment. They take entries on the day, so it’s a good race to know about if you’re feeling similarly experimental.

Conditions were great – not too hot, no rain. The field is always a mix of regular runners and newcomers, who quickly spread themselves out along the course: three laps of the North-East corner of the Park. By the second lap I’m usually overtaking a few walkers and by the end it’s hard to judge which lap people are on. The only way to run it, as every race I suppose, is to stick to your own plan and not worry too much what other people are up to. It’s chip-timed, and although the three laps are a bit tedious they give you a good picture of how you’re running.

I ran an ok time for me: 43 minutes, 44 seconds. I was just happy to make it under 44. I would love to run a 42 minute 10k, but I’m not sure it’ll happen this year. Or maybe ever. Anyway, focussing on the positives, my split times were quite heartening, and accurately reflect how the race went for me:

00:14:29  00:14:38  00:14:34

A less than 10 second difference between the fastest and slowest third of the race, with the middle section the longest. The middle of three laps is always the worst, psychologically. Physically I was making a bit of an effort to reign it in and not tire myself out as I knew I didn’t have the legs to put in a fast finish on top of a fast mid-section. As it happened I was then able to do a little sprint finish, which is always good for the ego.

A good start to the day, and I might actually do some training for the next one. Sub-43 minutes is the aim, which would be an official PB, as I’ve never run that in a race before.


*Hilariously, I came 3rd in the series last summer in my category and so got given free entry to the races. I have now gone up an age-group however, to LV35, so oddly now have no chance of placing anywhere – all the good runners are over 35.

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  1. 6 June 2011 11:05 am

    So true! Many 40-somethings start to hit that metabolic wall and get into running to stay ahead of the age game. I didn’t start til my late 30’s, and now I’m 42 and just signed up for my first half marathon. I also ran a 5K once, and the winning lady was 75 and finished in just over 17 minutes. Strong women – it’s a great trend!

  2. 6 June 2011 3:17 pm

    17 minutes?!! Holy Moly.

    I think 5k could be the answer to getting faster over 10k. I plan to run a 5k, as fast as I can, every week over the next month. I can absolutely guarantee it will take me longer than 17 minutes.

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