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Bank Holiday Bonanza

29 May 2011

A bonus (to me, anyway) of the three day weekend is having three chances to run. This doesn’t necessarily mean I will run on all three days but for some reason I don’t have a wedding or hen night to go to, so it’s possible.

Yesterday, without meaning to, I ran 9 miles with Mr N. We meant to run 7 miles, the extra 2 were a little prize for my not concentrating on Haverstock Hill and missing the turn off to Gospel Oak. I was feeling so good I didn’t mind, but Mr N was not, and did.

As I write this on Sunday morning I’m sitting in bed, having finished the crossword, with quite a serious hangover, pondering whether a run would kill or cure. It has to be cure. Right? In 15 minutes I’ll get up and get the trainers on and find out. To be continued…

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