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Race Report

8 May 2011

Hurrah, it is over! I am really enjoying the post-run endorphins and feeling pleased with my performance. I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour, 36 minutes and 7 seconds, which I think is my third fastest time and only a couple of minutes off my best.

I felt good at the start, so attempted a few miles at target pace (7mins, 15 secs). I knew that my cold would tell towards the end though, and at 8 miles I decided to slow down rather than speed up over the last few. To be honest, that made it a bit more enjoyable. I was hanging on, but not really pushing myself too hard. My main concern was to keep going, not have to stop and not kill my lungs.

It was a good race, I thought. Lovely scenery, fast field and totally flat. On a better day I could have smashed my Pb, but it feels good rather than disappointing to know that. Next time!

Here’s a pic of the medal and my time (my watch is so advanced it can’t measure hours).


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