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Weakly round-up

18 April 2011

A weak pun for a poor week. It finished well with a 13 mile run on Sunday, but with only two other runs, and a total of 24 miles, it wasn’t the peak of the training schedule that it should have been. Three weeks to go ’til the race and I’m still not sure how fast I’ll be able to run it. I’d say a pb is possible, but unlikely.

This week’s plan calls for at least 33 miles and the tempo and ‘race-sim’ sessions look tough. The weather forecast looks sunny which is great for the soul, but bad for the hayfever. So my main prediction is that Kleenex will be making lots of money from me this month. I wonder if Paula Radcliffe carries a packet of tissues on every run like me – she could pop it down her compression socks.

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