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Pull this thread as I walk away

1 April 2011

Before leaving the flat this morning I planned the route of my 6 mile tempo run (moderate), with half a mile warm up and cool down. I committed the start and finish of the tempo section to memory and set off. 

All was going well until I found myself on the Seven Sisters Road and realised I was running a completely different route. I’m not sure what’s to blame- maybe the stupor brought on by a massive meal last night, but more likely the EXCELLENT playlist the genius delivered to my iPod. Starting with Weezer’s Sweater Song, the Indie disco in my head was bip bopping away and, like Thom Yorke, “for a minute there, I lost myself”. 

I’m quite glad it happened – it was a dreadful run but I can’t tell how dreadful owing to not knowing how far I actually ran. suffice it to say the first two tempo miles were great and the remaining four were laughable. I walked twice and slowed to a bona fide jog for the last mile. Ho. Riffic. 

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