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Easy Tiger

23 March 2011

This training schedule really means business. I now think that the key to coping with the interval, tempo and race-sim runs is to take the easy runs easier; I must try harder at trying less hard.

This morning I was tired and aching from yesterday’s interval-a-thon. It was going to be a beautiful day –  I noticed frost on a playing field as I plodded by, with a mist hanging low over the grass. The four storey townhouses on Coolhurst Road were looking more than usually majestic in the pearly light as I climbed the hill, panting in an undignified fashion.

About 4 minutes in to my run, I realised that they only way I would be able to run 4 miles today would be to slow down drastically. I was practically crawling by the time I approached the Broadway, put on a bit of a show of speed as I passed the W7 bus queue, but had to stop to walk up Mount Doom after I’d passed Marks and Spencer.

Is it ever ok to walk? I might have to change the name of the blog to “notarunner”, if this keeps up.

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