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(Smarty) Pants

13 March 2011

Race-Sim 9 miles, 6 easy/ 3 at goal race pace plus 20 to 30 seconds.

There is no doubt, after this, that my running performance has been affected by giving blood on Monday. I ran with Mr notajogger, who is of similar fitness and speed to me (not quite faster, yet, sir), who found it easy and too slow. I, on the other hand, was panting so hard at the end I felt like I might never catch my breath. I struggled to run 8.5 minute miles in the first section, and felt like 7.5 minute miles were going to kill me in the second.

This is all rather worrying. 7.5 minute miles are my regular running pace. I’m aiming for a sub 1.34 half marathon (my pb) so need to be running 7m 10s miles in the race. On today’s performance that is as likely as me winning the olympic marathon in 2012.

However, I finished it. I didn’t stop, even when it felt like a lead weight was attached to each ankle, even when the rain was dripping off my nose, even though I thought about taking a short-cut with every passing street.

Now I’m sitting on my sofa drinking the coffee of the righteous, the smugness has set in. My face is warm with the glow of complacency and if you wanted to punch it, I would understand. In case you want any further motivation, allow me to boast that I just scored 382 in scrabble. Not that I am competitive.

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