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Bad Tempo

11 March 2011

Tempo run (hard): 20 minutes, plus a mile warmup and cooldown.

This was exhausting. I still felt tired from yesterday so I decided to run home from work. Running after I get home is so hard on a Friday night, pretty much impossible. If I take my kit to work in the morning I make a visible commitment to doing the run. I have to sacrifice taking my handbag and, more importantly, my book as i can’t carry them home. There’s no way I could take the tube home carrying my trainers instead of wearing them, the guilt would be too much.

I mapped today’s run on to try and keep the 20 minute stretch to flat, straight roads. Tricky in Islington, but 10 minutes in to the tempo section i was grateful for every traffic light. Perhaps I took the suggestion (hard) a bit too seriously.

After 15 minutes, on the mild incline of Highbury Park, I had to stop for a cyclist and ended up walking for about half a minute. I ran the rest of the 20 fairly fast but I feel like that was a failed training run. Still, I worked hard and clocked up another 5 miles. An “easy run” tomorrow, then something vaguely hideous is lurking on Sunday. Eep.

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