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Interminable intervals

9 March 2011

Today’s run was hard work. It was 5 x 1k at 10k pace with 2 min recoveries and I ran it in the gym just in case there were any after-effects of Monday’s blood letting. I’m not sure there were, though I’d happily blame my performance on that.

I’m trying to use a 10k pace of 14.2km/h, as if it were actually conceivable that I could run a 10k in 42 minutes. I’d love to do that in the summer, but I was pretty fit last year and couldn’t break 43 minutes, over four races.

I just about managed the pace but it was really tough for the first two intervals. It got more comfortable for the next two, which I suppose is good, but the final km was hideous. I know I only managed to keep the pace up because of the treadmill- if I’d been running outside I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from slowing down. Instead I panted along at 14.2km/h, staring at the l.e.d display until the metres clicked up to the final km. I’m not convinced I’ve made myself any more able to run a better 10k race, or even half-marathon as a result of this, but at least I finished the run.

Having skipped a day’s running yesterday, I’ll be running everyday until Monday now. Please let there be sunshine.

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