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Effortless running

17 February 2011

Ok, running wherein no particular effort was expended. Not quite the same thing…

I went to the gym on Tuesday and ran 3 miles on a treadmill in the middle of my usual cross training routine, then ran 5 miles last night around Crouch End, just before the Arsenal-Barcelona match. I felt quite stiff after the weekend during both – my ankles are worrying me a tiny bit.  Weirdly, on Tuesday it was the left ankle then on Wednesday the right. I really should stretch more (that will be my epitaph).

As I’m still at work at 6pm today, so there is no chance I’m going to make myself run tonight. This might be a wise move.  I have my work appraisal tomorrow and I know I’d spend each step worrying about all the things I could say, I shouldn’t say, they might say, they might not say, I might cry. That way madness, truly, lies.

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