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Quantum Leap

12 February 2011

It took me a while to work out what was wrong on my run this morning. Everything seemed strange from the start- I was too warm, even wearing just a t-shirt, and the people I passed were different, and there were so many of them. Instead of workmen and postmen there were families with dogs chatting in the middle of the path, getting in my way. Pavement cafes had sprung up overnight and a hungover man eating a packet of crisps walked into me .

If I had left the flat an hour earlier I would never have seen any of these people. The Early Me would have wished I’d worn a thicker top, and saved a minute not having to dodge buggies and dog leads. I keep thinking about what Early Me might have got done in that extra hour after finishing today’s 8 miles, but Late Me knows the answer is probably not much, and maybe Early Me wouldnt be thinking right now that spring is on its way.

It was a good run in the sunshine. You can’t ask much more of mid- February really.

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