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5k trick

1 February 2011

I went to the gym last night even though it was a Monday. Atonement for not running on Sunday.

I try to use the gym for cross-training as running on treadmills is boring and bad for my knees, so I tend to do 20 /20 /20 mins on cross-train/ run/ cycle. Then arm weights. I never do sit-ups – I used to feel guilty about this but now I don’t care. I do not own any crop-tops.

I’m going to try a new tack to prepare for the series of 10k races I’ll be running in the summer: starting slower, getting faster. Crazy! Last night on the treadmill I ran 5k in thirds starting at 13km/h, moving to 14km/h and finishing at 15km/h. It was tough, but I’m not in any kind of 10k shape, so I’m hoping I can get more comfortable, then up the speeds.

I’m aiming for a sub-42 minute 10k, which is only 75 seconds faster than my best. 75 seconds that is really a minute and a quarter of  heartbusting effort. 10ks are the worst kind of race, they’re high maintenance but they think they’re low-maintenance.  I wrote ‘thigh maintenance’ then, which I should probably have left in. I guess they’re good for something…

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