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Six in the Morning

27 January 2011

After yesterday’s brush with incontinence, I was quite happy to find today’s run a bit dull in comparison. It was cold, it was dark (even at 7.30 when I got back) and I was half asleep, but I ran six miles without really noticing and it felt good.
I stuck to the usual route: to East Finchley and back down Muswell Hill. Mostly uphill for the first 2 miles, then I get to sit back for 3.5 before scaling Mount Doom.  It’s really not a big hill but it gets steeper every morning. There is a particular stretch of pavement which is so full of potholes it’s like negotiating an Alpine pass. One day I’ll break my ankle and then Haringey Council will… not really care.

I’ve eaten a biscuit for every mile I ran this morning. It wasn’t part of a nutritional plan, but maybe it should be? I might try the same thing tomorrow with glasses of wine. Might? Will. Toodlepip.

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